domingo, 17 de julho de 2011

1º Simpósium Internacional de Paleohistologia, Barcelona

The last few decades have brought about significant advances in bone and dental paleohistology, which is now an invaluable tool in reconstructing phylogenies, that increases our understanding of growth patterns and physiology, provides first insights into biological rhythms, and adds to our knowledge about the environmental context of physiological and life history traits.

 First International Symposium on Paleohistology

ISPH 2011, July 18-20, Barcelona
The initiative to launch a series of symposiums on paleohistology came out of a request at the symposium on “Perspectives on vertebrate evolution: topics and problems”, held in Paris last June, and is motivated by the increasing need for bringing together different communities that have their own respective dissemination forums. It offers an important platform for international interchange where researchers with diverse approaches and methodologies can meet and exchange ideas on a wide range of topics related to vertebrate hard tissue biology.
Two main goals are the establishment of an International Society of Paleohistology and the inception of a biennial symposium in the area of vertebrate hard tissue biology.
We will strive for an informal atmosphere that is welcoming to graduate students, post-doctoral researchers and established researchers alike.
Join us in Barcelona for this inspiring new forum on paleohistology!

Vamos estar por lá...

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